Promoting an "inclusive financial sector"  that offers the majority of the population, on a sustainable basis, access to a range of financial services suited to their needs( loans, savings, insurance, electronic payments)  is an important cornerstone of the FACHIG SACCO( a Microfinance window of FACHIG Trust).

  • SAVINGS GROUPS(SGs)-voluntary associations whose members meet regularly to save and borrow from group funds  form the basis of FACHIG's financial inclusion initiative. Benefits acruing beyond savings and credit include improved resilience, mutual support, asset accumulation, and access to a variety of products and services offered through the groups.

  • The Internal Savings and Lending (ISAL) system  is a variation of the SG model. ISALs mobilize savings that can also act as collateral for leveraging funds from commercial banks.ISALs provide an important link to Community Based Microfinance institutions (CBMFIs) such as the FACHIG SACCO for those SGs that have matured and are desirous of graduating to the next level.
  • In order to increase opportunities for savings groups  to benefit from  mobile money products FACHIG is working with aleading telecommunication company(ECONET) to introduce mobile-based group savings accounts(Club Savings)[PICTURE OF A SAVIGS GROUP HERE]. This involves a 'virtual cashbox' that can only be accessed with multiple PINs(personal identification numbers) eliminating the need for a physical cashbox, which is risky in crime prone areas.Members who cannot attend a meeting could still save by sending money over the phone to the group account.The link with mobile banking platforms ensures “financial inclusion” of geographically dispersed and remote resource poor farmersgs

  • Through its Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) the organization promotes innovative systems to generate collateral for agricultural investments. Farmers use cattle as collateral through branding to access soft loans.

  • The WAREHOUSE RECEIPTING SYSTEM(WRS) is another innovation for generating collateral among resource poor farmers. Farmer’s produce is stocked in a warehouse in return for receipts with which farmers can procure new agricultural inputs.

  • Appropriate MICROINSURANCE products  are an importnant resilience mechanisms that protect members against vulnerability to further economic hardship caused by exposure to such as livestock, crops, and tools to natural calamities such as drought, flooding, illness, death and widowhood

  • CREDIT REFERENCING : In order to manage credit risk FACHIG SACCO is working with Expert Decision Systems, a credit reference bureau. Credit bureaus  are critical in providing a better and more accurate picture of borrowers in addition to facilitating appropriate analysis of their creditworthiness.